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Projects Completed Completed 2018 - ∞

  • Commercial Architecture
    • This category recognizes buildings designed for retail, office, industrial, or other commercial business purposes.
    • Eligible projects may include corporate offices, shopping centers, factories, warehouses, and other commercial real estate.


  • Residential Architecture
    • This category recognizes single family homes, multi-family housing, and mixed-use residential buildings.
    • Eligible projects range from private residences to apartments, condominiums, townhouses, and other housing types.


  • Hospitality Architecture
    • This category recognizes hotels, resorts, restaurants, casinos, clubs, tourism facilities, and other hospitality-focused projects.
    • Eligible submissions may include a wide range of tourism, leisure, and entertainment-oriented real estate.


  • Institutional Architecture
    • This category recognizes buildings designed for education, healthcare, government, cultural, religious, or other institutional purposes. 
    • Eligible projects may include schools, universities, hospitals, museums, theaters, churches, civic centers, and related facilities that serve the institution's objectives.


  • Interior Architecture
    • This category recognizes interior design and architecture projects within new or existing buildings.
    • Eligible submissions include commercial, residential, hospitality, and institutional interior designs.

Built Architecture Entry

  • Refunds will not be issued for entries that are disqualified, withdrawn, incomplete or late. The submission deadline will be strictly observed; no exceptions will be made.

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