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Culinary Health Center Durango

Awards Category

Commercial Architecture - Built

Project Summary

The Durango Health Center is a two-story 98,800 square-foot medical office building constructed on 9.21 acres, providing healthcare services to Culinary Health Fund (CHF) members and their families. The culinary employees spend their career serving those in the hospitality industry, and the new Culinary Health Center was designed to provide a user experience that reflected the hospitality industry within which they work. The new state-of-the-art facility consists of a covered patient drop off area, a large double high volume two-story entry lobby and waiting area, primary care, complex care, X-ray, dental care, physical therapy, and pharmaceutical services. The building is equipped with over 70 exam rooms, a pharmacy (with a two-lane drive-thru), three classrooms, administrative offices, and an outdoor roof terrace. The building is a mix of glass and steel and features architectural ultra-high-performance concrete panels. The entrance and main common areas are open, airy, exposed to natural light, and create warm waiting areas. Glass, tile, and wood finishes create an elegant hospitality environment. Patient waiting areas have various types of seating with a mixture of daylighting providing a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Project Narrative

The new Durango Health Center is built exclusively for its members and their families to serve their medical needs. This facility functions as a “one-stop shop” for Culinary Union members where they can seek medical attention from their primary care provider, pick up prescriptions from the pharmacy, attend to their dental needs, or participate in physical therapy. When we first met with the Culinary Team their main objective was to provide exemplary medical care in a building for Culinary employees that evokes the overall Hospitality feel of buildings that they work in. Many of the Culinary workers spend their entire careers working in the bowels of Las Vegas mega resorts and they wanted them to feel what those they serve feel when they visit Las Vegas. An inviting entry sequence of landscaping and benches welcomes you, blurring the lines between the exterior and interior. A large Porte Coche greets patients at the drop off area protecting them from the elements while creating a great sense of arrival. Upon entry, open daylit spaces abound and warm high-level finishes of wood, terrazzo, steel, glass, and tile are found throughout the facility. Patients are greeted at the reception area with its large green wall and are guided to a variety of waiting areas which have various types of seating and provide a comfortable, warm environment. Exam rooms in the primary care and complex care programs are centered around care team pods, where access to the exam rooms is available for both team members and patients. Each exam room is furnished with consultation and exam areas to provide a more personal experience for patients. The building exterior is a mix of glass and steel and is skinned with high performance concrete rain-screen panels to provide a durable, energy efficient building exterior. The roof canopy located just outside the main entrance incorporates a unique 65-foot by 10-foot architectural steel design/skylight screen that mimics a DNA pattern. This screen feature was essential in allowing natural light to flow beneath the entrance canopy and into the lobby and hallway creating an open and airy feel to the entrance. The IPD delivery method made for an integrated team where all key members from each discipline were involved in weekly meetings throughout the entire design and construction process. This created accountability and teamwork for all involved. The Contractor and the entire IPD team worked together to process submittals and procure most of their long-lead items to avoid material procurement delays and cost increases early in the process. Due to this integrated team efforts the overall project came in approximately $7,000,000 under budget at $62,860.000. The Contractor utilized Robotics on this project for the overall layout of all interior walls, plumbing etc. The robot utilized our Revit model for the overall layout, saving time and money and ensuring an extremely precise layout.

Sustainable Design & Materials

The Culinary Health Facility was designed with sustainability in mind and a goal of being LEED equivalent. The following goals were incorporated into the building. The primary materials used were concrete, glass, steel, and high performance concrete envelope for their quality durability and efficiency. -Maximized daylighting to provide for a healthy environment. -Used an energy efficient skin utilizing high performance concrete rain-screen panels lowering the temperature of the building envelope while also making it more durable. -Minimized water usage utilizing low usage fixtures in the interior and utilizing primarily drought tolerant plants on the exterior. -Exterior apertures were either deep set or shaded with overhangs as needed based on exposure. -Low maintenance recyclable materials were used throughout the project. -Utilized a central plant to maximize building system control, clean healthy air and energy efficiency. -Utilized a highly reflective building roof to minimize het gain.

Project Stats

Square Feet


Green Building Designation(s)

Date of Completion

February 2023

Project Location

6350 S. Durango Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada 89113

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