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Clark County Rehabilitation Center.

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Unbuilt Architecture

Project Summary

Clark County has enlisted our team to develop a conceptual design for a new Rehabilitation Center in North Las Vegas, utilizing County-owned property. This facility, which will consist of 240 beds, aims to provide comprehensive care for individuals at various stages of treatment, ranging from initial detoxification to long-term stability. Our concept is centered around fostering a community of care and recovery, while also ensuring organizational clarity. We seek to instill dignity throughout all levels of the facility, creating a welcoming environment. Furthermore, we aim to encourage exploration of diverse recovery pathways and promote resilience among all individuals seeking care at the center. To guide the design process, we have structured the program into four components: Goals, Facts, Needs, and Concepts. The goals of the project encompass qualitative statements that capture the essence of the endeavor, its intended achievements, and the underlying reasons driving it. These goals serve as the foundational principles from which all decisions and actions will arise.

Project Narrative

The architectural journey began with the realization that a delicate balance must be struck between the building's performance and the occupants' experience. Numerous shoe box energy models were meticulously executed on various master plan massing studies, dissecting the interplay between form and function. The goal was to achieve optimal energy efficiency without compromising the well-being of the individuals undergoing rehabilitation. To combat the harsh desert climate, both the buildings and the landscape adopted a light-colored palette reminiscent of the surrounding arid environment. The structures, adorned in hues that reflect sunlight, blend seamlessly into the natural surroundings. The landscaping, designed with low water consumption in mind, not only complements the desert aesthetic but also aligns with sustainable practices by minimizing irrigation needs. Windows, strategically placed on all facades, strike a delicate balance between natural light and energy efficiency. Shading devices adorn each glass surface, ensuring that the occupants are shielded from the scorching summer sun while allowing the warmth of winter sunlight to permeate the interiors. The architects also incorporated an open atrium space, connecting occupants with the elements and eliminating the need for excessive space conditioning. In addition to its commitment to sustainable design, the Rehabilitation Center places a strong emphasis on the health and well-being of its residents. Expansive open spaces, carefully integrated into the master plan, offer a variety of environments for self-reflection, community engagement, and healing. Residents can partake in recreational activities, such as walking trails and basketball and pickleball courts, promoting physical well-being alongside mental and emotional recovery.

Sustainable Design & Materials

Nestled in Northern Las Vegas the Clark County the Rehabilitation Center stands as a testament to the fusion of thoughtful design and environmental consciousness. From its inception, the architects prioritized a comprehensive environmental analysis to guide the creation of a master plan that seamlessly integrated with the natural elements of the surrounding landscape. The result is a rehabilitation haven that not only promotes healing but also ensures a sustainable and harmonious relationship with its environment. Roofs, painted in light colors, act as reflective shields, bouncing unwanted sunlight away during the scorching summer months. Many of these roofs are designed to accommodate photovoltaic panel systems, contributing to the center's commitment to renewable energy and reducing its environmental footprint. In essence, the Clark County Rehabilitation Center is not merely a collection of structures; it's a living, breathing testament to the marriage of form, function, and environmental stewardship. It stands as a beacon of hope and healing, where individuals embark on their journey to recovery while immersed in a space designed to nurture both their well-being and the planet's.

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Project Location

4900 N Sloan Ln, Las Vegas, NV 89115, USA

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