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AIA Nevada Honors and Awards Committee (AKA: The Fellows Committee)

The objective of the AIA Nevada Honors and Awards Committee is to identify AIA members who should be recognized and honored through the various state, regional and national awards programs; and to assist them in achieving this recognition. Specifically this committee works to identify candidates for AIA Fellowship and mentors them through the process. This is a statewide committee composed of the current AIA Fellows from Nevada and a representative from each of the local Chapters.


Edward Shire Parsons, FAIA
Elevated in 1976

Hans Neuman, FAIA
Elevated in 1979

Yvonne Asken, FAIA
Las Vegas, NV.
Elevated in 1986

Jess Holmes, FAIA Emeritus
Artesia, NM.  88210
Email: jess.t.holmes@gmail.com
Elevated in 1992

Robert A. Fielden, FAIA
RAFI (Robert A. Fielden, Inc.)
155 S. Water St., Ste: 220
Henderson, NV.  89015
Ph: 702-435-7234
Email: rfielden@rafiarchitecture.com
Elevated in 1993

William E. Snyder, FAIA
Tate Snyder Kimsey Architects
314 Water St.
Henderson, NV.  89015
Ph: 702-456-3000
Email: bsnyder@tska.com
Elevated in 2002

 J. Windom Kimsey, FAIA
Tate Snyder Kimsey Architects
314 Water St.
Henderson, NV.  89015
Ph: 702-456-3000
Email: wkimsey@tska.com
Elevated in 2004

Joan Blumenfeld, FAIA                      
Perkins + Will
1890 Hunter Creek Rd.
Reno, NV.  89519
Ph: 917-549-8637
Elevated in 2005

Bradley D. Schulz, FAIA
Schulz & Associates
Las Vegas, NV.
Ph: 702-236-7406
Email: bdsarc@cox.net
Elevated in 2010

Richard Licata, FAIA
Elevated in 2011

Edward Vance, FAIA
EV&A Architects, Inc.
900 S. Pavilion Center Circle, Ste: 180
Las Vegas, NV.  89144
Ph: 702-946-8195
Email: evance@edvanceassociates.com
Elevated in 2014

John R Klai II FAIA
Klai Juba Wald Architects
4444 W. Russell Rd., Ste: J
Las Vegas, NV.  89118
Ph: 702-221-2254
Email: johnklai@klaijuba.com
Elevated in 2015

Greg Erny, FAIA                               
Architects Plus
35 Martin St.
Reno, NV.  89509
Ph: 775-329-7424
Email: ernygregory@gmail.com
Elevated in 2017

Charles A. Kubat, FAIA
Kubat Consulting
5346 Golden Gossamer St.
Las Vegas, NV.  89149
Ph: 702-767-8181
Email: kubatconsulting@cox.net
Elevated in 2017

Jon Sparer, FAIA
Las Vegas, NV.
Ph: Unlisted
Email: jonsparer@gmail.com
Elevated in 2018

Craig Galati, FAIA
241 W. Charleston Blvd., Ste: 107
Las Vegas, NV.  89102
Ph: 702-263-7111
Email: cgalati@lgainc.com
Elevated in 2019

Thomas Schoeman, FAIA
P.O. Box 1840
Las Vegas, NV.  89125
Ph: 702-274-2796
Email: thomasjs
Elevated in 2019

You!   Are you next?

Jennifer Turchin, AIA
President - AIA Nevada
CODA Group
6853 B W. Charleston Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV.  89117
Ph: 702-795-2285
Email: jennifer@codagroupinc.com

Dwayne Eshenbaugh, AIA
President - AIA Las Vegas
NOVUS Architecture
8 E. Charleston Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV.  89104
Ph: 702-522-9292
Email: dwayne@novusarchitecture.com

Audrey De La Cruz, AIA
President - AIA Northern Nevada
CWX Architects
1680 Montclair Ave., Ste: A
Reno, NV.  89509
Ph: 775-829-7747
Email: audrey@cwxarchitects.com

Randy Lavigne, Hon. AIA
Executive Director
AIA Las Vegas / AIA Nevada
401 S. 4th St., Ste: 175
Las Vegas, NV.  89101
Ph: 702-895-0936
Email: rlavigne@aianevada.org