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AIA Repositioning Manifesto
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What is Repositioning?  It is attitude adjustment. It is a refreshed and renewed re-affirmation of the reason you became an architect and what that means in our rapidly changing world. The nature and practice of architecture is evolving and the AIA, and our members, must evolve with it in order to secure a leadership position.  Leadership comes with a responsibility to make sure that how we are expressing our role in society is relevant. Repositioning is not a new logo… or a change in marketing strategy… or a new set of rules.    Repositioning requires AIA members to re-affirm what it means to be an architect, and to work in support of each other to build a better world.


What does it mean to be an architect?



It is more than three letters after your name,

or a taste in exotic eyewear,

or the color of the clothes in your closet.

It’s more than sleepless nights,

the brutal critiques

the hundreds of hours spent alone in front of a computer

the tight budgets

and the overdue invoices.

It’s looking at an empty space

and seeing a world of possibilities.

It’s transforming a complex problem

into a brilliantly simple solution.

It’s knowing that today’s investment in our built environment

will be repaid a hundred times over tomorrow.

It’s believing the way our surroundings are designed

can change the way we live

This is what drives us.

This is what it is be to an architect

But this thing we do cannot be done alone.

We need clients who can see the power of a reality that doesn’t yet exist.

We need to listen to the people who will live, work and play in the places we create.

We need leadership in our communities

and in our profession

We need each other.

We are America’s architects.

We are committed to building a better world

And we can only do it together.


To learn more about the Repositioning and what it means to you and all architects, please go to the www.aia.org website and view the presentations that were made at Grassroots 2013.