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What Is A PAC?
A Political Action Committee or PAC is a legal vehicle for a group of like-minded individuals to pool resources and financially contribute to candidates who are supportive of issues and concerns of their organization.

Why Does AIA Nevada Have A PAC?
AIA Nevada is a non-partisan organization, however we are an organization with political interest. Public and Private projects are affected by political decisions every day. Our objective is to protect and support architects and the profession by contributing equally to the candidates who champion issues that are important to architects and to the betterment of our communities.

Why Contribute?
Because campaign contributions make a difference – and there is strength in numbers. By pooling the resources of many architects, the cost of campaign contributions is spread broadly and architects collectively have a stronger voice.

Three Reasons To Invest In The AIA NV PAC

1. No matter where you work, or what kind of architecture you design, laws and regulations shape the way we do business. Every day our elected officials make decisions that could determine what happens in your community, the way you do business and, of course, your bottom line!

2. As a member of AIA, you are not alone… so why act alone? You are a part of the AIA family, a national group of more than 85,000 members, and a statewide group of over 800 members. When we pool our resources, we can speak with authority on major issues affecting architects and architecture.

3. A little goes a long way. Private citizens can contribute to any candidate or issue out there. But, AIA NV PAC offers another, truly powerful way – to invest in your future through group effort and group political contributions.

Is This A Form Of Buying Votes?

No! But it does give us access. Candidates and public officials are honorable people whose votes are not for sale. But, by helping elect public policy decision-makers, A strong PAC assures architects the opportunity to present our views and be heard. AIA NV PAC fully complies with all state and federal election laws.

Why Should I Give To AIA NV PAC Rather Than Supporting Candidates Or Issues Individually?

AIA NV PAC enables the architects to approach vital public policy matters through a well-organized, well-informed and united front. Through AIA NV PAC, those interested in protecting our field are able to multiply their individual political effectiveness to help elect candidates and determine issues on a national, state and local basis.

Remember, your contribution to AIA NV PAC enables us to support candidates and issues in areas of the country where political participation by architects might otherwise not be possible.

Contributions to AIA NV PAC are not tax Deductible. Federal law requires political committees to use best efforts to collect and report the name, address, employer and occupation of individuals whose contributions exceed $200 in a calendar year. Contributions are strictly voluntary and do not effect AIA membership status.

Download a Contribution Form

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