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The UnCommons

Awards Category

Commercial Architecture - Built

Project Summary

UnCommons, a groundbreaking 40-acre community in Las Vegas, redefines workplace design and productivity. It offers 500,000+ sqft of office space, dining, fitness, and more. Future phases will add office space, residential units, and dining options. Located between Summerlin and Henderson, UnCommons fosters meaningful relationships, innovation, and vibrant communities. With seven experience zones and an urban trail, it creates a unique, connected, and social experience. The team prioritized key elements to make UnCommons the leading business community.

Project Narrative

UnCommons is Las Vegas’ newest mixed-use destination, featuring office, retail, residential, and hospitality ideally located between Summerlin and Henderson. Designed to be a catalyst for meaningful relationships, innovative organizations, and thriving human-scale communities, the 40-acre project provides a one-of-a-kind experience. The campus features best-in-class practices that anticipate members’ needs and creates a comfortable, frictionless experience throughout every element of campus-lifestyle, dining, and services. To create connectivity through a social journey, the team focused on seven experience zones; fitness alley, courtyard, the sanctuary, the retreat, the north 40, dog run, and park east. Each with their own unique purpose and function, these zones are connected through an urban trail which weaves through the entire community, activating the project and creating a curated urban experience of discovery and ample opportunity to make meaningful social connections. Working together, the team identified areas of importance that would make UnCommons stand out as the new leading business community. Elevated Hospitality. Create frictionless experiences throughout every element of the project with a carefully curated tenant mix. Productivity & Performance. Designed spaces that spur creativity and engaging workplace environments, not only within the buildings themselves, but across the site through various exterior collaborative zones in order to fully capture the latest thinking in workplace design. Connected Community. Activate the space by bringing together community members over common interests, ideas, and shared moments of purpose. Through a network of “in between” social spaces across the community. Inspiration & Wonder. Generate curiosity and deep connections through the discovery of on-site activations and unique installations. A richly textured and diverse native plant palette is composed around each of the variously scaled and programmed outdoor spaces. A water harvesting garden including a dynamic architectural rain scupper serves as the foreground from the dining areas to the public walk-scapes. The use of durable materials with warm tones and textures are composed along pedestrian connections and variously scaled gathering areas along with river rock salvaged from the site to create gabion walls for screening and grade change transitions. Public art elements are thoughtfully integrated into the overall site design. The project's total cost was $400,000,000 and remained on budget throughout, despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. The team proceeded with the ethos of "investing in Performance". If businesses perform better because of the UnCommons experience, current tenants will want to stay longer, overall demand to be a part of the community will increase and UnCommons will, in turn, perform better for all stakeholders. This urban development brings together a curated mix of uses to provide the community with an inspiring and experiential sense of place. UnCommons will become a beacon for the Las Vegas community and an urban model to build upon.

Sustainable Design & Materials

In the building industry, our passive practices in how we design, build and operate make a material difference. UnCommons is Green Globes certified to reflect the state-of-the-art nature of our investment in sustainability. With UnCommons, we had an opportunity to push beyond what is expected and to actively engage the participants in our communities to be meaningful and proactive contributors to both sustainable practices and new solutions. With the help of human-centered design and behavioral economics, we will accelerate the environmental, human, and financial return on investment. The grounds and buildings of UnCommons are all designed to maximize outdoor usability and within the context of the native environment. Concrete is used for the building superstructures, which provides a thermal mass that is energy efficient. Narrow streets bring the buildings closer together and, along with the architecture and overhangs, create sun shelter, allowing for better walkability and a more pleasant outdoor experience. The primary outdoor gathering area at the heart of the project is protected from the desert sun and prevailing wind, creating its own microclimate. This offers viable working space and a refuge for people to escape the stresses of their day.

Project Stats

Square Feet


Green Building Designation(s)

Green Globes, WELL

Date of Completion

July 2022

Project Location

6880 Helen Toland St, Las Vegas NV 89113

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