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The Beverly Theater - Interiors

Awards Category

Interior Architecture - Built

Project Summary

Located in Downtown Las Vegas, The Beverly Theater is a not-for-profit venue that further underscores The Rogers Foundation’s ongoing commitment to supporting the arts in Southern Nevada. Beverly Rogers acknowledges that being a faithful supporter of the arts means making sure the community has what it needs to flourish, and that's the true motivation for this venue. The Design Team developed a permanent home to elevate independent voices, independent film, and artistic expression helping fill a creative and cultural void in the Las Vegas Community. The two-story, 14,457 square-foot film house and performance theater feature three distinct areas including the main theater, outdoor jazz terrace, and courtyard, each thoughtfully designed and purposefully crafted to allow for unique content offerings and programming. Additionally, The Beverly Theater has an on-site box office, retail/concession space, a green room, a catering kitchen, and educational workspaces. The main theater features raked seating of nearly 150-seats resting on a retractable platform that can allow for expanded standing room capacity and convert the venue into a multi-purpose black box theater with the push of a button. Planned during the Pandemic, this under 15-million dollar venue, fulfills the vision of bringing people together when we were literally apart.

Project Narrative

As Las Vegas’ first and only independent film house, live music venue, and storytelling arena, The Beverly Theater is synonymous with innovation. Its design is purposeful to ensure that it exceeds industry standards whether it be hosting a cinematic experience, a live concert, or an author panel event. A fully retractable seating system allows the Theater box to become a fully flexible venue. Additionally, a movable glazed wall system blends indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing performances from the theater to expand into the adjacent courtyard. Central to the design is the advanced audio-visual technology. The Beverly Theater features a custom audio experience with a platform that integrates high-quality loudspeakers, microphones, digital processing, patented algorithms, and proprietary certification techniques in a flexible package. This enables The Beverly Theater to transform its architectural acoustics with a finger tap, affording incomparable sonic flexibility. Intense and careful detailing and coordination during the design and building process by the Design Team was imperative for the above sound transformation and performance. The Experience- Upon arrival, the carefully planned desert landscape and black porcelain wall announces the entrance to a special place. Once the oversized wood pivot door opens, the visitor is surprised by the visual layering of the space. An entire lobby wall retracts and connects the interior space with the courtyard beyond. The courtyard allows for not only visual connection but also becomes a lively pre-function space when occupancy is maximized allowing the venue to expand. As you enter the lobby, you are greeted by a sculptural staircase that is framed by colored glass panels and up lit with warm lighting. The third step detailed in wood becomes part of a large platform that wraps along the outside of the staircase and serves as a bench for seating. This is a unique theater lobby space. Visitors can immerse themselves in a book as they wait, meet a director, or be part of a book signing. Once at the second level, the visitor feels a powerful and ever-changing display of light and shadow. They have arrived at the Terrace “Segue.” “A segue is a seamless transition from one scene to another, and it’s exactly what this design represents.” Kip Kelly, Creative Director, Rogers Foundation. It was important for the Rogers Foundation to have guests be able to have an opportunity to connect without the pressure of purchasing a movie ticket. Segue features a bar, fireside seating, city views, live music performances, as well as literary programming. From the lobby without a ticket to the movies, guests can experience the art gallery or immerse themselves at the “Segue”. “Segue” is art. A custom perforated metal panel system completes the composition embracing outdoor spaces connecting the terrace to the lower courtyard. Color is integrated along the exterior glazing, allowing for light and color to spill at the interior lobby. While at night, when lit, the staircase becomes a glowing iconic element. The building becomes ART.

Sustainable Design & Materials

Sustainable strategies include- Reduced Parking footprint / maximized open space The Beverly Theater maximizes site utilization exceeding open space requirements for Downtown Las Vegas. Owner/city agreements for ridesharing and offsite parking in neighboring properties, allowed for a significant reduction in parking needs limited to accessible on-site parking only; reducing asphalt and parking footprint. The courtyard scheme planning allowed for the integration of a programmed space that supports not only the theater, but also the Writer’s Block next door. Furthermore, it allows for additional daylighting opportunities at the lobby and green room. Reduced SRI materials The exterior hardscape at level one, raised pedestal pavers at the Deck, and the roof material are light in color and aggregates, supporting reduced solar reflective indexes. Furthermore, the white overall composition contributes toward low heat gain in the harsh desert climate. Native and drought tolerant landscape blend this indoor/outdoor experience. High Recycled Content Materials and Low VOC Paints are introduced as part of the finishes for the space. Additionally, given that the project was built during the pandemic special emphasis was given in selecting materials that were local to Las Vegas.

Project Stats

Square Feet


Green Building Designation(s)

Date of Completion

January 2023

Project Location

515 S. 6th Street, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

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