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Sanctuary - Primary Bath Remodel

Awards Category

Interior Architecture - Built

Project Summary

This project was an exercise in restraint. The owners are both artists with a great sense of design and an appreciation for modern architecture. They had an outdated primary bathroom that felt small and very compartmentalized. The existing finishes were dark and high in maintenance. The owners have busy lives and travel for work. We wanted to create a tranquil sanctuary space for them to come home to. The program was simple: Create a bathroom that would be more functional for the couple; be aesthetically beautiful and timeless; and make the space feel larger while maintaining the existing 166 sq. ft. footprint.

Project Narrative

To make the space feel large, the existing interior wood framed walls were removed and replaced with clear glass. A strip of opaque vinyl created a line of privacy while allowing the floor and ceiling finishes to remain visible, creating an open feeling with uninterrupted lighting. It was important to conceal all “working” components to maintain a peaceful and natural environment. The 2”x2” cedar strips were custom assembled for the soffit finish, allowing us to conceal the exhaust fans, glass channels, and LED strips that provide general overhead lighting. Polished beach rocks filled an oversized shower pan below the tub, concealing glass channels at the floor. as well as acting as the tub overflow. A custom, sand-blasted, stainless steel bath and towel niche was designed around the soaking tub to house the plumbing for the mixer of the tub filler. To keep the space feeling artistic yet timeless, we wanted all finishes to feel light with natural and handmade characteristics. The elements were kept minimal using wood, stone, glass, and floor-to-ceiling handmade ceramic tile unifying the space.

Sustainable Design & Materials

Remaining within the existing footprint was a priority for us to minimize construction waste. All existing fixtures were donated. The Japanese hinoki wood tub and cedar soffits are both naturally antimicrobial and aromatic, providing a low maintenance finish while promoting stress relief and relaxation for the end user. All paints and finishes were specified as low-VOC. The counter material is a remnant of natural stone sourced locally from another project. The ceramic tiles were handmade in nearby San Francisco, California by Heath Ceramics, a California Green Business and certified B-Corp. The flooring is a greengaurd gold certified engineered stone tile selected for its slip-resistance and low maintenance in consideration for the owners aging-in-place.

Project Stats

Square Feet


Green Building Designation(s)

Date of Completion

Summer 2023

Project Location

2385 Fireside Cir, Reno, NV 89509, USA

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