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Hajduk Residence

Awards Category

Residential Architecture - Built

Project Summary

Design of a courtyard home with bedrooms on each side of an open concept great room: living, dining, kitchen, and exterior courtyard open to the dramatic view to be used as an extension of living space in the summer months.

Project Narrative

Nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains on the eastern outskirts of Truckee, California, in a serene rural setting, this remarkable home is perched on a ridge just below the historic Martis Peak fire outlook, overlooking Glenshire. Its westerly orientation yields unobstructed, panoramic vistas that span a full 180 degrees, encompassing iconic peaks along the Sierra Crest, such as Donner Peak, Tinker Knob, and Castle Peak. To the west, it offers sweeping views of the town of Truckee and Donner Lake beyond. Approaching this newly constructed dwelling is an experience in itself. As you veer off the dirt road and wind your way through a densely forested approach, a captivating sight awaits you – a direct line of vision through the front door's glass entry, framing the awe-inspiring views beyond. The design of this home is a thoughtful and purposeful response to its natural surroundings, skillfully integrating the breathtaking landscape and meticulously framing the expansive views. Built for a family of three, the layout features the primary suite on one side and a daughter's room on the other, both with direct access to the central exterior courtyard, creating a seamless connection with the outdoors. This project conscientiously acknowledges its location and the growing threat of wildfires, especially given that the owner is a retired fire chief. Materials and forms were selected not just for their aesthetics, but also for their functionality. The use of black corrugated walls and roofs offers uniformity, durability, and serves as a critical fire protection measure, providing a non-combustible shell in an area at high risk of wildfires. An expansive concrete patio serves as a vital bridge between the interior spaces and serves as another non-combustible element of the home. The design incorporates simple shed roofs/prisms, each thoughtfully oriented away from the central courtyard and access points to offer protection against snow accumulation and watershed concerns. This home is not just a place of beauty; it's a sanctuary designed to respect and coexist harmoniously with its remarkable natural surroundings.

Sustainable Design & Materials

Although this home exceeds all local code standards for building envelope and heating/cooling performance, the real design driver for materials was for fire protection and to provide a non-combustible residence in an area of severe fire risk - a rural forest.

Project Stats

Square Feet


Green Building Designation(s)

Exceeds all local code standards for building envelope and heating/cooling performance.

Date of Completion


Project Location

13149 Summit Way, Truckee, CA 96161, USA

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