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Dreier Redux

Awards Category

Residential Architecture - Built

Project Summary

ADU and garage to match design style of original home designed in the late 1970’s by Swiss Modernist Architect Eduard Dreier - includes 3 car garage with lifts, 1 bed/2 bath, kitchen and living area + extended living area to exterior terraces.

Project Narrative

This project began when our clients acquired a late modernist period home designed by the renowned Swiss Architect Eduard Dreier from the 1970s. Their vision was to meticulously restore this architectural gem to its original pristine condition. This involved a painstaking process of sanding and refinishing the exterior mahogany, as well as meticulously cleaning the original anodized aluminum windows and vertical siding. The transformation was extensive, breathing new life into the residence. With the acquisition of the original home, our clients also obtained multiple parcels of land, leading them to consider adding a detached garage and an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) to the property. Their motivation was to create additional garage space for their beloved Porsche collection and to provide a separate living area for family and guests. This was the design challenge we were tasked with. The design process was a unique undertaking that began with a thorough evaluation of the original hand-drawn architectural plans. We aimed to distill the essence and design principles that would guide the new project. Taking into account the site's constraints, we carefully determined the placement of the project. Situated at the terminus of the main home's cul-de-sac driveway, the property maintained a steep rock slope to the west while opening up to a steep downslope to the east. This strategic positioning offered unobstructed views of the Virginia Range to the east and Mt. Rose to the south and west. In direct response to the original house, the new design mirrored its material palette, roof shapes, plan geometry, angles, forms, and radii. To accommodate single-family occupancy, the sleeping quarters were thoughtfully placed in an open loft space above the kitchen and bath below, with floor-to-ceiling windows at both levels. Working within the context of the original architecture was a challenging yet rewarding experience, serving as a profound exploration and tribute to the era in which the home was originally conceived—a true case study. The project's goal was to seamlessly integrate the new addition into the estate, making it appear as though it had always been an integral part of the property and the original home.

Sustainable Design & Materials

This home can be operated entirely off the grid with a ground array of solar panels and ground source heat pumps for energy generation.

Project Stats

Square Feet


Green Building Designation(s)

Exceeds all local code standards for building envelope performance and incorporates ground source heat pumps for geothermal energy generation and efficiency + ground solar array for energy generation

Date of Completion


Project Location

30 Lurie Ln, Reno, NV 89511, USA

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