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Colliers International Las Vegas Office

Awards Category

Interior Architecture - Built

Project Summary

Colliers International has relocated their office to the recently completed "Narrative" project by G2 Capital Development. Situated at the intersection of the 215 Beltway and Tomsik St in Southwest Las Vegas, this exciting new development will house a sleek 4-story office building spanning 100,000 square feet. Colliers has secured a prime space of around 14,000 square feet on the northeast side of the second floor to establish their office. As part of the building's comprehensive design, our firm was entrusted with the task of creating a common area hospitality suite and a lobby stair that seamlessly connects the first-floor lobby to the second-floor lobby. This strategically placed stairway will serve as an impressive entry point for Colliers, significantly increasing their visibility within the building.

Project Narrative

Collier’s new office space, located in the vibrant Las Vegas 215 corridor zone, focuses on providing spaces that support the office functions and capture the real estate brokerage firm’s aesthetic vision. Flexibility, mobility and choice were guidelines for space planning throughout the entire office. Creating a welcoming, hospitality- inspired arrival and community zone is key in offering visitors and team members a space that accommodates casual meetings, social gatherings and a third space to touch down and get work done whenever and wherever. Work zones within team-member spaces, are configured in neighborhood hubs to promote team collaboration and to ensure an efficient workflow. The interior design harmonizes Collier's overarching global vision with the unique perspective of the local team. A timeless palette is created through the use of subtle tones and authentic materials, serving as a backdrop for showcasing a meticulously curated art collection that embodies the spirit of Las Vegas. The reception desk seamlessly incorporates branding, featuring dimensional lettering illuminated by Collier's signature corporate blue backlight. In addition, the interior architecture and detailing offer measured transparency at select meeting areas in order to extend daylighting and provide access to views at exterior windows as well as views overlooking the grand stair leading from the shell building’s level 1 to level 2, where Collier’s main entry is located.

Sustainable Design & Materials

Apart from our team's dedication to specifying sustainable products, we worked in collaboration with their team to incorporate environmentally friendly features. Colliers, as a company, is devoted to socially and environmentally responsible business practices that contribute to the well-being of communities while fostering long-term business success. Colliers proudly holds the status of a Founding Global Partner of the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC), a prominent international organization shaping the landscape of green building practices worldwide.

Project Stats

Square Feet


Green Building Designation(s)

Date of Completion

December 2022`

Project Location

795 S Agilysys Wy Suite 210, Las Vegas, NV 89113

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