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CCSD Red Rock Elementary School Replacement

Awards Category

Unbuilt Architecture

Project Summary

The world of education has undergone drastic transformations in the last 10 years. The school of the future must rise to many challenges and opportunities, increased access to technology, the widespread adoption of distance learning, a spotlight on school safety, and more diverse academic programs, among others. As development begins on the new Clark County School District elementary prototypes, we are tasked with meeting the needs of not just the students and educators of today and tomorrow, but those who will follow in 10, 20, or even 50 years. Red Rock Elementary School Replacement being the first in a series of new or replacement schools, we sought the input of future principals, teachers, students, and parents to inform a design that is meeting the needs of any individual who may pass through its doors. Our goal is to design a facility, as a prototypical building, that can be adaptable for any site or teaching pedagogy, while maintaining a product that can be delivered on time and on budget for the next 10 years.

Project Narrative

First opened in 1955, Red Rock Elementary School has become outdated, inefficient, and unable to meet the needs of a modern educational facility. This led to the school being allocated for replacement as part of the over $2 billion of 2020-2021 Bond Rollover (2015 CIP, Revision 5) that has been dedicated to the modernization or replacement of schools that are aging and unable to meet the current needs of the Clark County School District (CCSD). The new facility will house a program that reflects the needs and desires of a modern school. The proposed facility will include state of the art technology, larger and more diverse classrooms, playgrounds and play spaces in line with accessible and salutogenic design, and a built environment that promotes healthy learning through natural daylighting, views to nature, healthy building systems, and a secure, home like community. There were many challenges of placing a new facility on a 5.3 acre site that included an additional 100 students while providing ample outside play area and all of the delivery and service needs and a shared entry drive. The building was located on the site so that there was direct access to the parking area, giving the second floor great views over the Las Vegas Valley. The finish floor elevations and playground are set 5’ below the street so that the larger building would not overwhelm the older established community.

Sustainable Design & Materials

Building materials have been selected for constructability, aesthetics, and project timelines. The building is proposed to be constructed of concrete masonry units. The second floor library will include translucent panel to provide natural daylighting within the space. The roof shall be single-ply membrane framed with structural steel beams. These building systems will improve the thermal conductivity and heat gain within the building, maintaining a healthier, more comfortable learning environment while lowering overall energy consumption. The mechanical system is designed as an air-cooled system, eliminating the use of water in response to the climate and extended drought the area is currently experiencing. To augment the power requirements for the new facility, the design is proposing the use of photovoltaic panels that will create and store electricity for the facility.

Project Stats

Square Feet


Green Building Designation(s)

Date of Completion

June 6, 2024

Project Location

408 Upland Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89107

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