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Caesars Palace Main Entry Remodel

Awards Category

Hospitality Architecture - Built

Project Summary

The main entrance of Caesars Palace was designed in the 1960s and needed a major remodel that would reflect the grandeur of the more recent additions to the resort. The owner's criteria included raising the approximate ten (10) foot ceiling while still maintaining the iconic identity of Caesars Palace. In the newly height enhanced entrance, the client desired to have a photo moment that represented the brand and would be easily identifiable as Caesars Palace. Directly forward of the entry is the iconic elliptical dome with casino table games, made famous through several movies and television shows. This area is sacred to the client and could not be changed in scale or form but required a refresh to match the new construction. Additionally, the client required a satellite bar that would complement the existing Lobby Bar as well as more area for casino table games. The last project criteria from the client were to have the least impact on guests arriving to the property as the entrance also served as a central hub with access to all of the property's rooms, amenities, and even check-in desk radiating from this area.

Project Narrative

The Caesars Palace Entry remodel project successfully transformed an original portion of the property into an awe inspiring and welcoming architectural moment for guests and team members (employees) alike. The remodel the entrance of Caesars Palace had been a project conceived of for many years prior between the Client and Architect but was postponed for various reasons. When Covid-19 occurred, the reduction in guest capacity became a positive opportunity that would allow a major remodel of the entrance to take place with less impact to guest experience. As the architect worked through the Conceptual Phase defining the scope of the project, the client engaged the contractor to evaluate logistics. The architect, contractor, and owner worked closely through the Schematic and Design Development phases to establish an eight-phase construction approach that minimized disruptions to the guest experience while completely removing the structure and building a new structure in its place. Elements of the architectural design were adjusted to accommodate the phasing and conceal or overlap phasing areas so that the end results would be seamless. Maintaining a positive guest experience during the construction was an important factor to the client as well as the essential safety of the guests. The architect established phased plans to ensure egress was maintained as well as accessible pathways to all areas of the project while construction was ongoing. This required some areas of the design to be partially built before the final finishes would be applied later. Care was taken to adjust temporary construction walls that would redirect guests around and sometimes through the middle of the construction zone. Weather in Las Vegas during the summer months of construction was also a concern as a large area of the building would be opened to the sky. Once the building was enclosed and mechanical units set on the new roof, the phasing plans turned to the finishes on the interior and blending the boundaries between new and old construction. Once the first six phases were completed, work was focused on construction of the additional bar as well as refinishing the iconic dome casino area. The design of both areas and execution through construction allowed the new entry rotunda and gaming areas to be opened and occupied by the client and guests. Once all areas of the project were completed in February 2022, the property had a ceremony to welcome guests through the new entrance to Caesars Palace Las Vegas. The result of this complex remodel is the space feels more engaging and exciting; the new design ties together multiple additions and renovations in a dramatic and photogenic transformation that has been well-received by both guests and resort employees alike.

Sustainable Design & Materials

Project Stats

Square Feet


Green Building Designation(s)

Date of Completion

February 2022

Project Location

3570 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA

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