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Caesars Entertainment Corporate Headquarters

Awards Category

Commercial Architecture - Built

Project Summary

The Caesars Entertainment Corporate Headquarters is located on the 2nd floor of Caesars Palace on Las Vegas Boulevard. Construction of the original casino and 14-story hotel was completed in 1966. The property has been gradually expanded incrementally ever since. Some of the office space being remodeled as a part of this project dates back to the 1990s; the most recent renovation of the 2nd floor took place in 2005, when the space was expanded as new convention space was built above and below it. Caesars Entertainment set a goal for this project of bringing all of their corporate departments together in a single, collaborative environment, including some who had been previously scattered throughout the city. Each department’s workspace was customized based on their needs and ability to adopt a hybrid work model, resulting in a reduction in size for many, which allowed all key departments to be included. To enhance the experience of the work environment, and provide some additional flexibility in terms of capacity, over two dozen collaborative work areas are situated throughout the space.

Project Narrative

The Caesars Entertainment Corporate Headquarters project consists of the remodel of 150,000 square feet of space within the Caesars Palace resort complex for corporate offices housing a wide variety of departments and functions. The majority of the office is situated in a dynamic, free-flowing series of spaces, planned to make efficient use of the irregular existing footprint while carving out ample room for exciting, open, collaborative work environments. Memorabilia from outstanding moments in company history are showcased in boutique-style displays along a gallery corridor that connects the two major office areas to the central lobby entrance. Meeting and collaborative spaces are strategically distributed throughout the space for proximity to circulation paths. Amenities such as stadium seating, coffee bars, meeting rooms with simulated daylight ceilings, and planter-topped spatial dividers infuse the space with hints of comfort and nature that both soften and enliven the space for a more enjoyable working experience. In addition to the coffee bars, two nicely outfitted break rooms offer a place for employees to recharge. Memorabilia from outstanding moments in company history are showcased in boutique-style displays along a gallery corridor. A creative wayfinding solution resembling a ‘road’ through the space was implemented to help employees navigate the large space and to give a logical alphanumeric identity to every location. A vibrant and varied interior design ethos was applied throughout to provide a positive sense of place and a sense of identity for each area within the footprint using color, texture, signage, art, and furnishings. Collaborative work areas in particular provide colorful focal points and a variety of working environment options. The scale of the space was managed by dividing the open working environment into sections of open offices, buffered by private offices for senior personnel and ample meeting space as well as collaborative environments. The realization of this new corporate office space has had a major impact on the tenant’s Las Vegas corporate operations. The ability to bring more departments together in one space is a major driver of collaboration between functions and a common sense of purpose. The ample and technologically enhanced meeting facilities encourage in-person collaboration and exchange of ideas at a level that the facilities being replaced were unable to. The vibrant, up-to-date new space has also offered employees a positive new environment to work in, which brings with it psychological as well as teambuilding benefits, particularly after long periods of working solely at home during the pandemic, and for many team members, working in dated, closed-off office environments prior to that. As an additional benefit, Caesars was able to reduce the number of satellite offices around town, not only resulting in greater efficiency of communication and travel, but also reducing leasing costs which offers an economic benefit. The Caesars corporate office provides a great example of the potential for a design team to assist an owner in assessing their needs, and then executing a project that addresses their needs and their institutional identity, through to a successful completion.

Sustainable Design & Materials

Although the new build for this space was a thorough remodel, reflective of Caesars’ need to reimagine a previously closed-off, monotonous, and difficult-to-navigate office environment, the design team did adaptively re-use components where possible, minimizing changes to the surrounding floor, roof, and existing walls, and re-using relevant systems components such as electrical switchgear and certain plumbing connections. Other equipment was significantly upgraded to modernize the facility to current standards regarding energy efficiency, water efficiency, and material selections. Life cycle and long-term usage were taken into heavy consideration in the selection of interior materials and products. For example, high-quality carpeting was selected to withstand years of daily use. Fabrics were selected for furnishings that will similarly hold up to long-term use, keeping upholstery items out of the waste stream for longer. In addition to providing a harmonious environment for its users, the Headquarters was carefully designed to minimize its impact on the environment. Lighting and plumbing fixtures were carefully considered for their energy and water use.

Project Stats

Square Feet


Green Building Designation(s)

Date of Completion

August 2022

Project Location

3570 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA

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